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Re: Fastest gfx card for a K6/3 system?

fwiw I found what I needed on k6plus.com: looks like it may be worth experimenting with a gf3 ti, for dx8 games i might want to play on this machine [wc3 springs to mind]. reason i might want to do that is as a third or fourth machine in a multiplayer match. not sure if the gf2 has advantages in …

Re: Best video cards for 486 system

That's great - many thanks - exactly what I was after. I had read through some discussions here but wasn't sure of drawing a reasonable conclusion. The tk8881 does have UMC 8881. The Jetboard manual says ithe 466b is PCI 2.0. Jetboard has 4 SIMM slots, tk8881 has only 2. Presumably old DOS games …

Fastest gfx card for a K6/3 system?

OK, I have a Gainward GF2 Ti450, which is noticeably faster than anything else I have tried in my k6/3 box. Would anything go noticeably faster do you think? Or would faster gfx cards be cpu-limited? Been looking at old Tom's Hardware AGP reviews...

Best video cards for 486 system

I am wondering what a 486 system would be capable of, and what the best cards to get for it would be. If I ever get round to putting the system together! The motherboards I have are a tk8881, and a Jetboard 466B, both apparently unused. Processors are 486 DX50 and 486 DX25 I think. The boards have …

Re: GeForce 6800 SLI works on Windows 98?

in Windows
Something else you may want to bear in mind. I have a 6600 and it will not play AvP, the display is useless. Apparently this something to do with the way the card works - some aspects of old-style are not implemented [I forget what the explanation was I'm afraid]. If the 6800 is based on the same …

Voodoo 5 single processor option

I just had a look on my Voodoo 5 machine, which uses Amigamerlin drivers in Windows 2000. There are anti-aliasing seetings under OpenGL and DirectX, which allow a choice between 2x, 4x, disabled, fastest performance etc., and also have an option for single processor [no AA]. So at least in Windows …

Re: List of Voodoo1-only games? (early GLide games?)

I have a feeling these environment variables made no difference to my problem, but I gave up for a while. It looks to me as though the variables in the list are for the Voodoo 1, not the Voodoo 2 - for example: SST_TMUMEM_SIZE=2 should maybe be: SSTV2_TMU_MEMSIZE=2 Maybe will try this later.

Re: Screen flicker?

Ho hum, I tried my 17 inch monitor [15 inch visible], but no joy. I don't think, it's 320x200 as such causing a problem, as Quake runs on either monitor at that scale [albeit from Windows 98]. Maybe I'll try it in Dosbox [on a faster machine!], and see what happens.

Re: Screen flicker?

I've tried an ATI Rage Pro AGP,and an ATI Mach64 PCI - neither make any difference. I also tried with the V1 disconnected and CPU cache disabled. Still get the flicker. I've got a less sophisticated monitor so I'll try that next.

Re: Screen flicker?

Right, I will try another card when I get time. Any views on a good card for DOS games? AGP or PCI if possible - there's no free ISA slots left in this machine so if ISA is better for DOS games then I will have to change the mobo. I can try the following easily [from the spares box] but if there's …

Screen flicker?

I've put together a PC for DOS games - probably not ideal but some if it was already in the case from a previous project and I mainly just set up disks and cards: Soyo SY 5EMA+ mobo K6/2+ 550 256MB RAM 6GB Quantum Bigfoot Matshita CD running off sound card SB Pro2 GUS ACE Matrox G200 8mb AGP Voodoo …

Problem with Full Throttle

I've got Full Throttle, Mac Version [original disks] and I am trying to run it on amy Mac. What happens is that it keeps crashing [freezing] with some sort of CD error message - I'm afraid I forget what exactly but I am mainly wondering if there is anything obvious likely to stop the game running. …

Re: Lemmings 2 - setting up memory in DOS

in DOS
OK, I've unloaded various things from config.sys and now Lemmings2 runs. But I get a screen flicker every few seconds... any ideas here? Do I need an older graphics card ? Or is it likely to be by monitor?

Lemmings 2 - setting up memory in DOS

in DOS
Can someone help please? I couldn't see anything specific on Lemmings under DOS on the forums [but let me know if there's another post ansering my questions]. I'm trying to run Lemmings 2 under IBM DOS 5.0 but it won't start and gives me error messages. It seems it needs more memory free and the …

Re: Parallel port CD ROMs in windows

Well, that may have been worth trying but the windows drivers are no longer an issue. I managed to force a molex connector the wrong way round into another CD drive today [I thought this was a stiff one, ha ha ha], which immediately blew it. Mmm, nice smell... So out of interest [aka desparation] I …

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