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Re: "rebooting" dosbox

I know this thread is a bit old, is there still no way to reboot? I was looking through the manual and couldn't find anything, except ctrl+f9, which only closes the program. Being able to reboot would be really handy.

Re: Keymapper/gamepad help...

I'm trying it right now. Zophar.net says it's for DOS, but I can't find a DOS version anywhere, just a Windows one =/ DOSBox has a built-in keymapper, why can't I just use that? Is there something I need to do to enable it? I checked the readme but it didn't say anything.

Keymapper/gamepad help...

How exactly do I get the keymapper to work with an SNES gamepad (via the parallel port)? When I load DOSBox (v0.65) up, it seems to detect my gamepad just fine (Using joystick LPT1: DirectPad Pro/SNESkey SNES or NES pad 1 with 2 axes and 12 buttons), and I managed to assign keys to gamepad buttons …

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