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Re: Why is Voodoo 3 so popular?

Mine was just something that was laying around, and I figured I'd play around with it. I love it for games that it was designed for...maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I feel like it has a different look to it in 3D applications, versus more modern cards, or wrappers. It's also a great card for …

Re: Windows 95/98 emulation/VM options?

in PC Emulation
I just use Virtual Machine or DOSBox. I've never found much joy with Glide wrappers or whatever, so I just stick with older hardware for those. Or, depending on the game, I'll just play it in software mode. Also EAX will not work i guess... Will most 95/98 games run on XP? I'm no expert, but I'm …

Re: Turn of the Millennia Win98SE Build

I've got something similar right now, but it's a 440bx-2, 500 mHz. I don't know about yours, but this one has integrated Yamaha audio...I was planning on using my Vortex 2 card, but I've been playing Build engine and other DOS games, and the MIDI on this thing sounds a lot more awesome than what I …

Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

I'm surprised no one has mentioned text-based games. For some reason, I really itch to play Infocom with that green or amber glow. It might be fun to try to get Telnet games working, too. MUD2 is free these days 😉 (Though I vastly prefer it in color.)

Re: Customize Windows XP to look like 95

There's also a registry key that disables the status window at login, so loading the desktop is even more similar to 9X, provided you have autologin enabled. I went in and disabled the theme manager completely. After that, you have to use Tweak UI...I can't remember the name of the setting, but it …

Re: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS issues.

A lot of Creative cards have this issue where, allegedly, the header information on one of the chips gets overwritten, and the card is no longer recognized. There's supposed to be a way you can rewrite the chip and disable the "write" pin to keep it from happening again, but I haven't looked into it …

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