Warcraft II

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Warcraft II

Postby whistler » 2017-4-21 @ 00:35

I was able to mount the CD and the new directory that i was going to install it to with no issue. When i view the files on the CD without dosbox I can see the file names correctly. They look like this:
Custom PUDs
Destop Folder
etc etc etc...
When I look at the files on the CD from dosbox the names are totally wrong. They look like this:

I can not change directory no matter what i do and cant run the install files. What's wrong here?
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Re: Warcraft II

Postby vladstamate » 2017-4-21 @ 01:04

Is this Warcraft II for Mac? If yes then DosBox cannot help you.

Plus DosBox is basically DOS and in DOS (unlike Windows 95+ or MacOS) file names are 8.3 so the names will be truncated.
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Re: Warcraft II

Postby collector » 2017-4-21 @ 12:57

If you are trying to use DOSBox ask in the DOSBox forum.
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