FIFA Soccer 09 Problem

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FIFA Soccer 09 Problem

Postby Glitchologteam » 2011-1-19 @ 17:44

Hi there!

Ive bought a brand new FIFA Soccer 09 game and it is working fine on my XP Computer. Then, I want to install the game, like all my PC game, on my Seagate 2 TO External Drive. The game install fine and play fine too but when I go to my Windows 7 computer the game do not run.

Ive then found that There is some mysterious FIFA Soccer 09 installed on my Windows XP I can't find (326 MO)

Is there a way to find those files?

This is strange because NHL 09 do the same thing but the file were located on my C: Drive and after copying the game was fine on any computer, but not FIFA 09


EDIT: My apoligies, Ive just posted on the wrong forum, can it be moved on the windows one? Thanks!
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