Indentify old mac game:

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Indentify old mac game:

Postby sejau » 2011-1-29 @ 12:11

Hi there

I'm wondering if somebody remembers this game I'm looking for. Unfortunately I forgot its name, but I'd really like to play it once again.

So the descpription: I played it on an old Mac back in the 90s, must have been around Classic Os 7.
The screen shows a dotted grid and kind of a "clock hand" which is rotating around one of these dots (center of rotation) constantly. You had to hit the space bar in the right moment, when the hand was passing a neighbouring dot, to attach to this very dot. Consequently the hand was spinning around the 2nd dot.
So you had to swing your clock hand from dot to dot and find a way to the goal to get to the next level. With increasing number of levels it got harder to find your way through more difficult ""mazes" with obstacles like bombs or other clock hands which burn you when touching them.

I really hope somebody can remember the old days and can get me that name of the game.

Thx for any hints.


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Re: Indentify old mac game:

Postby ratfink » 2011-3-17 @ 07:18

May have been called Spin Doctor and I've got a feeling it came with the Mac OS version. Either way it sounds like something I've got so I'll have a look. As I recall it's one of those mid-90s Mac games [like barrack, mars rising, apeiron] that makes contemporary pc games look incredibly rough by comparison.
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Re: Indentify old mac game:

Postby Jorpho » 2011-3-17 @ 16:01

Clockwerx - indeed, originally known as Spin Doctor.

(Not to be confused with Gear Works.)
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