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robertmo wrote on 2020-08-17, 16:40:

you may want to try this one
https://www.mobygames.com/game/sega-32x/black … meShotId,35395/
it has a few more levels

Thanks! I was aware of the 32X version, was just curious to see the Macintosh one. This game seems to be a pain to get running as I couldn't even find youtube videos about it...


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Someone at Emaculation just pointed out that Mace, a relatively new contender, was just updated to work with Warcraft. Or work better, anyway.

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ajacocks wrote on 2020-08-13, 15:43:

Actually, Mini vMac's Mac II emulation is excellent. It's officially beta, but it works really well. I've tried at least Prince of Persia 1 on it, and it ran great.


- Alex

yep, MAC Mini user here. the new 64 bit O/S is a pain in the back, though. I occasionally over time remember how to install DBGL. but I forgot it again. Part o the reason is each New Update to the Mac O/S, changes everything. what once a month for another update.

a mac is just a big pain in the back!

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Green200 wrote on 2020-09-28, 14:12:

a mac is just a big pain in the back!

That's sad to hear, really. 😢
- I fled from WinX to Raspbian, but look for a platform I could permanently switch to (I don't like ARM anymore now since it became a dancer of Nvidia).
I hoped, that macOS, at least, is a safe harbor, at least.
You know, the big three are Win,Mac, Linux.
Niche OSes like RISCOS, AROS, BSD, Minix 3 and Oberon are cool, but you can't even use them for an 4th grader's homework. 😑

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