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dr.zeissler wrote on 2020-02-04, 12:05:

there is even a c64 emulator for a XT/Hercules 😀

Yup, and it really works. Even diskette drive emulation works. 🙂
Some more pictures can be seen in OldCat's thread over here:
Re: "Childhood Embers" - 286 AT with Hercules graphics build

Edit: Here are the instructions mentioned in my post in OldCat's thread.:
* Copy your D64 image to VC1541.000
* Run C64 executable
* Display the directory (type LOAD"$",8 (enter) then LIST (enter))
* Run the first program LOAD "*",8 (enter) then RUN (enter)
* Or run the program you got displayed earlier (LOAD"PROGRAMNAME",8 (enter) then RUN (enter))

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