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Re: Composite on modern tv

Postby idspispopd » 2014-1-16 @ 13:13

Regarding modern TV's: On our 32" TFT (native resolution 1366x768) DVD output over SCART looks quite good, 4:3 as well as 16:9. Actually on normal viewing distance I don't miss a HD source. Maybe that depends on the scaler inside the TV?

I don't agree on SCART being rare on CRT TV's in Europe. At least in Germany SCART was rather common in my experience, S-Video was more often seen on higher end models.

Regarding the DC: I always thought the DC failed because the games could be copied too easily, therefore less new games were produced which resulted into SEGA abandoning the project. A friend of mine had one, I thought the graphics were really nice, especially Soul Calibur. IIRC it supported PAL-60 at least with some games.
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Re: Composite on modern tv

Postby brostenen » 2014-5-07 @ 21:38

I had terrible video om my Sony ps2 om a bravia flatscreen.
Then i used euro av (scart) connector and cable.
That gave a great picture. Even amiga and ps1 is great this way.
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Re: Composite on modern tv

Postby Holering » 2014-5-22 @ 14:49

Find a DVD recorder or DVR for $5-$20 if only using composite. Then find a scaler like xrgb and maybe ypbpr to rgb adapter if needed. There's the gonbes CGA2VGA scaler which is a really cheap alternative to xrgb, and lag isn't that bad but I really don't know how lag compares to other scalers (If you want the xrgb, personally would test CGA2VGA via friends first if possible.). If you find a scaler to output your native resolution without lag, you should have really good results (might look a lot better without scaler if your TV only has bad comb filter and/or too much DNR+other filtering); hard to find one cheap though hehe.

Could use a high end line doubler (good ones are better than DVRs and DVD recorders, and make composite look like rgb-vga), but your scaler (or xrgb) has to accept 480P, and you have to use a suitable cable-adapter. Could find a used one for $50.00. They can be big which may, or may not be good in your case.

Re: Composite on modern tv

Postby BuckoA51 » 2014-6-26 @ 17:29

Scalers/lindeboublers certainly help, but no line doubler on the planet can make composite look like RGB. Even pure RGB from your retro gear looks pretty poor on almost all modern TVs, especially compared to a CRT, unless you shell out for an XRGB of course.
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Re: Composite on modern tv

Postby Holering » 2014-7-05 @ 05:46

Just found out the Panasonic DMR series (dmr-esxx and emr-exx) have really good 3D y/c separation (much better than typical 2D), and rival some of the best analog capture cards like the Compro TV ultra. The more advanced models have hdmi out and might even do 1080P. Not only would you get close to Svideo (or perhaps RGB on clean sources) quality, but you'd also have a 1080P scaler on the expensive models (would also output to svideo and ypbpr). These go for $50.00 to $100.00+ on ebay. You might not even need an XRGB with one of these.

I'm not so sure this would actually help some composite game sources unless they're strictly 480i. Sorry for the suggestion. There's a lot of 240P games, and 240P just doesn't work so well with y/c separators. Composite is meant for NTSC and that's what almost all y/c separation is based on. 240P wouldn't benefit unless it's a really obscure y/c separator that's smart and/or customizable.

This is interesting for 240P cvbs IMO:

Standard cvbs NES with Sony PVM

Kramer FC-10D comb filter NES with Sony PVM

I noticed the green curves don't have missing pixels anymore after the kramer. All the other details are more pronounced. I think the pictures should be better TBH.


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