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Re: Early Direct3D vs. early OpenGL vs. Glide

Postby KJ_Jose » 2017-1-09 @ 12:18

m1so wrote:
d1stortion wrote:Inb4 people who are going to tell that this shit had awesome 3D compared to the puny PSX ;).

PSX has actually useful 3D with normal framerates, unlike these hyper craptastic attempts at 3D cards. And I should know, as I have it plugged in right now to my CRT 100 Hz TV with a Wipeout 3 CD inserted. Most people today plug it into a "super ultra great zomg HDTV" and then get surprised they get input lag and horrible jaggies. PSX is jaggy, but not THAT jaggy, I bought it from a friend who had it plugged in to a LED TV for 20 Euro and I was very nicely surprised when I plugged in to my TV. For 1994 technology, the games look fantastic.

The problem with Trident cards, Laguna 3D etc. is not performace (evn through it is simply CRAP), not even resolution, but the very fact that they cannot even properly rasterize polygons. Look at that mess, not even a single texture is rendered properly. Sure, PSX lacks Z buffering, but it is actually way more visible in a "HD" emulator capture than on the real 320x240 or 512x240 CRT screen.

S3 Virge at least had the saving grace of having good image quality and decent speed in 320x240. Laguna3D cannot be saved by 320x240, as it has a fundamentally bad rasterizer. S3 Virge was just a slow card, but Laguna3D/Trident 3D cards are shitty in general.

Input lag? This is attributable to the TV's "display lag" which is when the TV delays video display and sound output.
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