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truth5678 wrote:

The MAME source code and two patches against it are suggested/required. The first patch enables hi-score support and other enthusiast modifications. The second patch is attached, a modification for the "makefile" to work under MinGW.


First off, a warning regarding error submissions from such a build: thou shalt not submit any bugs to the (quasi-official) MAMETesters.org from a Windows build including hi-score support, but only if also tested from an "official" available binary at http://www.mamedev.org
Hi-score support is known to cause unintended bugs.

Also a warning re: distribution of binaries with nag screens removed (an "enthusiast modification"). While it's not against MAME license, removing "nag screens" has never been a desired patch by MAME developers. MAME developers do not in general recommend distribution of those binaries compiled with that patch. You are discouraged from providing specific functionality that goes against the philosophy of the MAME team.

Second, you're linking directly to MAME 0.152 source for some reason. Your post is otherwise written to be version-agnostic for the most part... why would you do that? 😀

Third, to the best of my knowledge, no patch should be required to build MAME under MinGW, any flavor, because MinGW64 is the official build environment supported at http://www.mamedev.org. The makefile should be compatible. Prior to MinGW64, back in the day, the build environment used MinGW32. If I understand it, after reading your patch, the only reason it seems _you_ require it under MinGW32 is because you're installing the libraries from original locations rather than using the source for them included in MAME's source tree? Mind you, I've been using MAME's official build tools for a while and have not tried under MinGW32 recently.

Fourth, no external library should be required because FLAC, JPEG, and PortMIDI source are all provided with the official MAME source and built during execution of the makefile. Executing lib.mak in /src/lib will even build just the libraries. AFAIK this should work under MinGW32.

"What about SDL?" Well, SDL is not a mandatory requirement unless you're making an SDL build. It is only nice to have if you wish to have a complete development environment for both native Win32 and SDL hosted versions of MAME. Otherwise, it is not a required component.

For those who want to compile for Windows using MinGW64 32-bit or MinGW64 64-bit:
Official MAMEDEV-endorsed build instructions using MinGW64, see http://www.mamedev.org/tools/
You can download a full compiler and library package direct from there, or follow the instructions to piece it together yourself.

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