MAME 0.173 being super-duper slow

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MAME 0.173 being super-duper slow

Postby mrrhq » 2016-6-22 @ 06:00

Anyone else noticing how slow MAME is becoming? I used to get nearly perfect 100% on most arcade games I've thrown at it, and now for some reason it's hard to even stretch the FPS counter to 2%.

What's happened recently? Has anyone else had problems running MAME, ever since they merged in MESS as well?

Maybe it's just a bug on my system. Also, let me know how well MAME 0.174 performs. I'm using a Thinkpad X201 Tablet, with an Intel Core i7 L620 (with Ironlake integrated graphics, using OpenGL with GLX extensions, at 2.0Ghz)

It really should not be running this slow.
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Re: MAME 0.173 being super-duper slow

Postby mr_bigmouth_502 » 2016-6-22 @ 07:24

Holy crap, my Thinkpad is almost identical, save for the fact that mine's an x201 Tablet and not a plain x201.
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