What cuts off high frequencies from Sega Genesis sound?

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What cuts off high frequencies from Sega Genesis sound?

Postby KJ_Jose » 2017-1-09 @ 12:07

I am confused on what cuts the high frequencies from sound on the Sega Genesis. I found on other sources it was 22050hz, but experimenting with the ring chime from Sonic, I found it to sound really bad on such a rate. So I think it must be 52khz, the chips' original sample rate, with a low-pass filter to make it sound like 22050hz.
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Re: What cuts off high frequencies from Sega Genesis sound?

Postby Neco » 2017-1-24 @ 04:27

Should be a capacitor of some sort in the audio path on the PCB, no ?

You can probably find detailed pictures of various models and their audio circuits on sega-16.com for example, idk if this helps but it has some good info on it

http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread ... io-circuit

The thread is about a replacement audio circuit, but idk maybe it will have some info you can use from the images or other posts.

Different models have different lowpass filters. The model 1 has a much heavier-handed one, but I like it the most because that's what I grew up hearing. Also depending on the model the audio circuit itself could sound worse (substituted / cheaper parts, chips, etc). Generally people distinguish the most between Model 1 & Model 2. Model 2 sounds more "harsh" as it lets more of the highs pass through.

Here's a sound quality thread

http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread ... s-and-more
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