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leileilol wrote on 2018-04-04, 22:59:

Mupen64Plus with the SoftGraphic plugin is pretty nice. N64 looking properly filtered, filtered, properly sized screen buffers, Indy working, etc.

I got it and when i saw the text mode stuff i thought nah needs a gui frontend like mame stuff

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Crosma wrote on 2020-06-27, 07:29:

I would say that CD-i is oddly missing emulation, given that CD-i Emulator and MAME/MESS's CD-i support both have about a 5% compatibility rate.

Does anyone actually use MESS for anything? Looking through the file that comes with it, it seems like 90% of the systems it claims to emulate aren't even implemented, and of the ones that are, they seem to be more of a pain in the ass to get working than other emulators. I once tried to run C64 emulation just to check it out, since I'm very familiar with the C64. After spending about 15 minutes trying to get it to work, I gave up and just erased it. There are better and easier to use emulators out there. In my opinion, MESS has always been a mess.

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Rekrul wrote on 2020-06-27, 07:44:

Does anyone actually use MESS for anything?

I use it for X68000, FM Towns Marty, and a couple of CD-i games.

The "Driven to Maturity" section on http://nonmame.retrogames.com/ is a complete list of all of the systems that can kind of be emulated by MAME/MESS, even if the compatibility rate is sometimes poor. Non-listed systems are too broken to be useful.

There aren't many systems that it can emulate as well as other emulators.