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2DOSWIN - by Snover

Postby Snover » 2002-7-10 @ 02:18

2DOSWIN is a batch file I created to help ease Windows 9x users to and from DOS. It hasn't been thorougly tested, but I haven't had any complaints about it doing bad stuff. Please let me know if it works for you.

Below is the brief I posted to this thread, which debuted the script:
Remember to edit the AUTOEXEC.DOS file.
I provided Microsoft Mouse drivers and OAKCDROM.SYS (although, for whatever reason, I didn't need to use it to get my CD-ROM running in DOS, which is weird, and I can't figure it out, but whatever). Anyway, the AUTOEXEC.DOS file is for a SBLive! card. (Oh, and this should still give you enough memory even with two CD-ROM drives.)

Perhaps if there's enough good response to this file, I'll make a separate batch script to help facilitate writing an AUTOEXEC.DOS file. (The CONFIG.SYS doesn't need to be touched.)

Don't forget to read the disclaimer. I'm not about to be held responsible for data loss, I provided ample opportunity to back things up, and I'm not modifying things other than \AUTOEXEC.BAT and \CONFIG.SYS and some files created by my bat file. And, while it'll RUN in W2K, it won't DO anything, so I've added a safecatch to prevent people from using it on W2K. (It'll work fine on dual-boot systems, since you have to specify the drive.)

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