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Minimal install for DOSBox/95 gaming

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Attached modified S3 driver for DirectX6 and dosbox/95. This is for testing and should work with later versions of directx. In particular, it supports low resolution directdraw modes, such as 320x240 in half-life, however, an additional setting is required to the 95 hardware acceleration slider: decrease video hardware acceleration 1 notch; this setting is under control panel->system->performance->graphics.

Edit: the attached driver is likely missing a key directx component which is installed with the "full version" of the DirectX6 setup package, although there is one added requirement, that the directx compliant S3 driver be selected during the installation process (credit to Jarvik). The attached driver would work after this procedure is run, but at that point there is no purpose to installing the driver a second time. This method allows for the lower ddraw resolutions. Note that the video hardware acceleration slider should still be one notch from the maximum setting.


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truth5678's guide for Win95b installation in DOSBox is available there.
It may to be not the last his page's revision as he made update for MT32 build after September 2014.

truth5678's guide for Win98SE installation in DOSBox is there.

beerbit wrote:

There's a good standard install guide here:

now it's here:

DOSBox CPU Benchmark
Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide