Tie-Fighter joystick calibration problem

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I've managed to get my Tie-Fighter Collector's CDrom game to run great using VDMS. The sound works flawlessly and I can play the game using the mouse but I'm having a slight problem getting my joystick (a Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro Shock USB) to fonction properly.

For the life of me, I just cannot calibrate the joystick without then having the cursor going ALL OVER the place. Is there a way to fix the sensibility of the calibration or something?

Also, my joystick is actually a 4-axis and I've noticed in the VDMS properties that you could emulate that but everytime I try to run the game using that setting I get an error:

Unable to initialize and configure emulation module 'JoystickController'.


0x80004004 - Operation abandonned
The value 't' in 'A.analog.T' (See c:/Program Files/VDMSound/joy3.map:14)
is invalid. Please provide one of the following values: 'X', 'Y', 'Z', 'R'
(rudder), 'U', 'V' or 'P' (POV).

What can I do? Ty. One last note, I have an older joystick (the one I used to originally play Tie-Fighter with) that uses a gameport but I'm not sure my computer has that port... 🙁

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I found a guide to running TIE95 that promises to help with such things, it is one used by the Rebel Squadron, one of the few active flight groups on the net still that run TIE...and the guide looks pretty good.. it is here:

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