betrayal at krondor

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game doesn't run. hungs right after start. video mode seems to change, then nothing happens. when i press esc, cursor of random color appears in random place on the screen. does this game run at all with vdmsound?
my machine is: w2k sp2 dx8.1b
abit kt133 duron 900
384 mb ram pc133
gf2mx, almost latest drivers (29xx perhaps)
sblive value, latest drivers
via4in1 ok (almost latest)
nic, modem, tvcard... i believe that's all


ps. i also tried to run blue byte's albion today. all fine, no problems

ps2. does BatK have any sb sound? a cant see any sb configuration options in install program, just for music

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i got it working 😀 the problem was that i didn't install the game, but copied it (already installed and unpacked) from archive cd. previously i had it installed on c: drive and now on d: - modifying drive.cfg file to indicate proper drive letter solved the problem. now, the question is, which game to play first - albion or krondor:)
ps. how to install vdmsound update? will copyin n' overwriting be enough?