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I occasionally visit this forum and SourceForge site, but
it seems that there has been no upgrade of VDMSound for a long time.
Can anybody say why?
(Maybe busy, or... tired...or there not being many features to be added?)
Anyway, still I hope VDMSound's upgrade so badly!
VDMSound 2.1.0 can not emulate Yamaha OPL chipset.
Yamaha compatible sound cards such as SoundBlaster16, Yamaha OPL-SA3 have YMF chipset, and some DOS programs directly manipulate YMF chipset.
Attatched file is an example of this sort of program. It plays music.
There are two main problems:
1. On Win2000 or XP, you can hear NOTHING. The program uses DMA to
control YMF chipset, but neither Win2k command window nor VDMSound support this.
2. If your soundcard is NOT Yamaha-compatible, e.g., AC97 series, you can NOT hear anything EVEN ON DOS and Win9x! The reason is that
recent soundcards like RealTek AC97 don't use YMF chipset.
So I suggest that next version of VDMSound should emulate OPL, OPL2 and OPL3 sound.

(Currently, DOSBox project supports OPL/OPL2/OPL3. On DOSBox0.61,
you can hear music when you run PLAY.BAT)


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    Execute PLAY.BAT to hear music.
    Works on DOS / command-window-under-win9x / DOSBox.exe, but doesn't work if you're not using Yamaha-compatible soundcard.
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I think Vlad said a very long time ago that VDMSound had met its goals and would be developed no further. At the time he said you should consider DOSBox as the replacement solution given that it was looking good enough (and that was an old DOSBox - 0.3 or thereabouts!). I'm *fairly* certain the post was on this forum but it was a long time back.

I agree some more stuff 'could' have been done but what's there is great and solves a great many problems - thanks must go to Vlad and anyone who contributed 😎 He still pops up from time to time and answers the odd query.