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tryed to contact Vlad and Chriss, but somehow their mail-address changed.
I would like to run VDMSound-Win9x alpha release under plain DOS after MS-DOS booting on Win98. It that "somehow" possible from developers point of view? Any sound better than speaker sound would be great (I cant use DOS-BOX because of software incompatibility).

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you can't
vdmsound uses directX for sound output. Only available under windows.

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What you want is impossible. When you reboot to DOS, you have *only* DOS there, not Windows. So nothing from Windows is usable (unlike when running DOS window in Windows).
You would need SoundBlaster compatible DOS driver for you sound card (which probably does not exist - but you can check). It is something completely different from VDMSound. And nobody will bother with writing it, because as any other driver it would be specific to one type of soundcard.
If you would be more specific about what you want to run, you could get more help. Many games can be run in DOSBOX (emulator) or natively using VDMSound. For some games there are native Window engines. For other Windows unfriendly games there are unoffical patches enabling them to run in Windows.