Glidos Carmageddon fix

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Glidos Carmageddon fix

Postby jomalin » 2012-5-15 @ 09:45

On Glidos Carmageddon webpage:

It is written:
My appologies: for some reason or other, Glidos freezes on at least two levels of Carmageddon. Until I can fix this, you will have to play those levels in software mode. Please be aware of this if you are thinking of buying Glidos just for the sake of Carmageddon. I hope to fix this problem soon.

Has it been fixed?
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Re: Glidos Carmageddon fix

Postby Glidos » 2012-5-15 @ 10:39

Well sort of. The problem was an incompatibility between the 3dfx version of the game and those two level files. Someone discovered a way to edit the level files to stop them crashing. The details are on this site somewhere. See if you can find them with a search. If not, post back, and I'll see if I can find them when I get some time.
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