gog.com Carmageddon and glidos

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gog.com Carmageddon and glidos

Postby Dave3d » 2012-9-27 @ 18:35


I just got the gog.com version of Carmageddon.
I cant get it to work with glidos.
I tried the regular carma.exe, and the patched carma95.exe(gog patch), and neither one will launch through glidos.
Just a command prompt launches and closes very fast.

My specs:
Win7 64 with latest updates
Carmageddon gog.com version
Latest glidos (1.50)


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Re: gog.com Carmageddon and glidos

Postby Zup » 2012-9-27 @ 19:12

Maybe you should use carmav.exe
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