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I downloaded the Glide wrapper from the Glidos site as well as the lastest Glidos program. I have a Intel DB850 mobo, GeForce 2 MX 400 (64 MB) and 256MB of Rambus 800. The op system is Windows 98SE. The Glidos program can't find a dll file (32vp.dll) but I found it in the system directory of Windows and it keeps telling me that a device is not working properly after that.

The Glide wrapper doesn't work at all (It does not enable Glide on the RB3D Preferences). Anyone with suggestions PLEASE e-mail me at leggsbox@mindspring.com

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Glidos doesn't use 32vp.dll directly. It must be one of your system dll's that relies on it, which is worrying.

I have seen one problem before with a missing dll, but that was with an installation of W98 lite (which is understandable). This should not happen with W98SE, and it cannot be that Glidos has suddenly decided to make use of a dll that it hasn't previously needed.

Both Glidos and OpenGLide need your video card driver to support OpenGL. Do you know that it does?

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Right now I'm using 30.82 Detonator drivers with my GeForce 2. Sometimes I believe my mobo interferes with some applications. It won't run Warcraft III because ,quote, "Can't find game.dll". according to the tech rep my mobo shares too many irq's with other peripherals. I guess that's why I'm getting the "can't find missing OPENGLIDE32s.dll" as well as "file linked to Glu32.dll is missing OPENGLIDE32s.dll". Your openglide drivers work fine on my son's Gateway PIII 1 GIG machine with a Geforce 2 MX 200(32 meg).

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Thanks guys for the post about how to get sound in the game with this problem. I posted an additional question about the problem here
and was wondering if you could shed some light. I went through your procedure several times meticulously and still upon exiting Red Baron and rebooting the game I don't get any sound. The RBPREFS.DAT file is still checked read-only and the time stamp remains unchanged from when I altered it.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've been itching to play this game for over 2 years (since my last graphics upgrade) and the game looks great, but sound is on my list for necessary immersive game playing qualities


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So, you

  1. Deleted RBPREFS.DAT
  2. Started Red Baron
  3. Alt+Tab'd out of Red Baron while it was running
  4. Turned on the Read-Only attribute of RBPREFS.DAT

If you don't have sound to begin with, this won't fix it.

Yes, it’s my fault.