Used all activations for GliDOS

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Used all activations for GliDOS

Postby Scortex » 2015-8-08 @ 01:56


I recently bought GliDOS for Tomb Raider and activated the ID on my Windows 7. After a few restarts GliDOS wanted a second activation. So far so good. Today I updated to Windows 10 and after trying to activate the new GliDOS-ID, the Website told me that I have used my allocation of unlock codes. Now I am not longer able to remove the moving watermark out of the game, and that frustrates me, because I did not had the chance to use the programm for very long, and now I am not able to play normally anymore. Could you please help me activating my new GliDOS-ID by giving me new Unlock codes?

My e-Mail adress is

~Maximilian Rädlein
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Re: Used all activations for GliDOS

Postby Glidos » 2015-8-08 @ 08:56

Sure. No problem
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