updating some old textures

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updating some old textures

Postby silverlok » 2015-9-17 @ 22:05

hello Paul,

I completely forgot how to update the texture paks. I believe I still have the software on one of my old machine to access the files through the ftp , but dread trying to remember which one and resurrect it .

I would very much like to complete the texture mapping , and especially address those annoying issues on the last couple of levels ( atlantis coming to mind ) where either I either didn't completely capture and map all the textures , or it's one of those weird bits like happens when trying to map UB and TR1 in the same pass.

if someone one has already posted a complete texture map somewhere for tr1 and Ub ( or solved mapping them together ) please point me there good sir.

the reason I ask is that I stumbled on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ru8g56inso and switched the t.v. over to sbs and damned if it didn't look pretty cool for a ( soon to be) twenty year old game,I figured it would look better on my own set and I am curious and a bit nervous about looking back over all those textures. I thought it would be nice to review them in 3-d.

side note:
I did get TR1 working with the occulous rift , but limitations forced the image to be stretched ( height wise ), still an interesting experience though.

side note 2:

Did you ever consider adding "Interstate 76" to the Glidos roster?
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Re: updating some old textures

Postby Stiletto » 2015-9-18 @ 18:09

silverlok wrote:Did you ever consider adding "Interstate 76" to the Glidos roster?

It's not a DOS game? GliDOS only covers DOS games, more or less.

You should however be able to run it in Windows using OpenGlide or nGlide and the like (you just won't be able to do the texture replacement trickery you've been talking about).
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