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Glidos + GeDoSaTo

Postby innuendo1231 » 2015-12-14 @ 16:58


Anybody know how to use GeDoSaTo combined with glidos?.... It works to some point but then glidos crashes.

The reason why I want to use gedosato is because it could resize the game to my native screen resolution wich would greatly improve stereoscopic 3d quality.

With tomb raider 1 I can get to as far as the main menu, and till then it works well! It scales glidos's 1600x1200 rendering to my 3840x2160 correctly. But if I use load game to get to acutal gameplay, glidos crashes. Also if I use glidos's vesa emulation it crashes right after the first fmv. So I turn that off to see the fmv in dosbox window, then main menu starts up correctly scaled to 3840x2160.

It must be something that glidos does...
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