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I'm having trouble getting tomb raider to run properly. The only way I am able to get the game to run is if on the Glide Driver I set it to OpenGL instead of Direct 3D (psVoodoo). Even then, when the game runs it wont run in full screen mode.

Upon loading I get the error message "Screen mode change failed". Then the opening movie actually does play in full screen. Then I get the same message again, I hit ok and the second opening FMV plays. Then I get the message again and press ok and I get the title screen. At this point the game is no longer in full screen mode, but other than that the game plays fine.

I've definitely got the textures, audio, and fmv downloaded and installed correctly. So I am not sure what is wrong.

I can confirm that I've got the steam version, and I am using Windows 10. I was previously getting the missing codec needed for FMV playback message, but I got rid of that by finding and installing the needed codecs. This is a new computer. The only other thing I could think of is possibly not locating all the file correctly as I have two drives, a SSD (where I installed Gildos) and a HDD (this has the steam version of tomb raider), but I think I was able to find the correct file path for the items in the adjust configurations, or by moving them into the correct folder within the Gildos directory. I am not sure what else it could be or what information to provide to help. Thanks!

Edit: I got it to work. It was the mimapping. Although now I am trying to get controller support.