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Download sizes

Postby DosFreak » 2003-9-01 @ 07:30

Was wondering if the .zip copy (Non Installer) could be switched to .rar? Noticed that it was 637kb zipped, and when I rared it it went down to 514kb!

The SFX that I created from the rar was also only 564kb as compared to the original SFX from the Website which is 772kb!


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Postby Carrera » 2003-9-01 @ 08:17

What's your favorite freeware Rar extractor?
I have this ICEOWS but it isn't brilliant...
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Postby Glidos » 2003-9-01 @ 08:44

I think the zip version is only very rarely downloaded. Actually the link is usually broken, because I never get around to creating the zip version when I release a new Glidos... which might explain why it is very rarely downloaded. :)
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