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Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

Postby Xenphor » 2018-7-27 @ 06:14

I'm having issues with PCem and vsync. I'm trying to get it as smooth as it would be on the original hardware with no stutters at all, but it doesn't seem possible. This is most noticeable in old 2d games that have scrolling in them like Sonic 3D Blast. As I move sonic across the screen, there will be tons of hitching and hiccuping as the screen scrolls, kind of like what happens on emulators of consoles/arcades which run at a different refresh rate than your monitor. Using regular OpenGL seemed to help mitigate this somewhat, but it is still there; OpenGL 3 on the other hand made it a lot worse, as did Direct3D and software.

Games that use the voodoo2 for 3d Acceleration like quake 2 actually seem to run fairly smoothly. If I press either the left or right arrow keys to scroll the screen uniformly in one direction, I may only notice the occasional stutter (that is of course assuming I'm in an area that can maintain 60fps, like by staring at the ground in the beginning). However playing a game like this highlights another problem with the vsync in PCem: massive input lag. It seems to have much more input lag than your typical console or arcade emulator but I have no idea if this is even fixable.

So can the stuttering at least be fixed or do I need a gsync monitor?

I'm running the pentium 233 MMX machine on an 8700k with a 1050 ti card.
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Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

Postby hail-to-the-ryzen » 2019-1-21 @ 01:07

With the interpreter path for cpu emulation and OPL2 music, the video in Doom will not run at a sufficiently constant rate. Disabling the threading in the video blitter solves a lot of the issue. It also generally helps to have any vsync active. Tested in various DOS ports of Doom in the stock maps where the fps ranges from 14 to 22.
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