Throttle for ALi Aladdin 5 Socket 7 boards

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Throttle for ALi Aladdin 5 Socket 7 boards

Postby gerwin » 2014-3-13 @ 16:23

For the select few who would like to use Throttle on an Asus P5A, Gigabyte GA-5AX or similar Super Socket 7 board: I slapped together this tweaked version of the Throttle slowdown utility. For now I only tested it with a Chaintech CT-5RSA0 board, with a South Bridge labeled M1543 revision B1. With throttling, Speedsys scores as low as 2 points are reachable.

Throttle with ALi Aladdin V patch v0.9
(65.81 KiB) Downloaded 110 times

    Throttle with ALi Aladdin V patch.
    Version 0.9

    Throttle is a computer slowdown utility, It uses the Motherboard southbridge ACPI
    functions to introduce wait states.
    This package allows one to use Throttle on ALi Aladdin V motherboards.
    It comes with the normal Throttle as well, for usage on non-ALi motherboards.
    Just start T.BAT and select the desired amount of slowdown.
    Or pass a parameter to directly select the matching slowdown, without prompt.
    This package is for MS-DOS and Windows 95/98/ME.

    The original Throttle does not work with tested ALi Aladdin V based motherboards,
    such as the Asus P5A, Gigabyte GA-5AX, Biostar M5ALA, Chaintech 5RSA, BCM VP1543.
    There are four parts that needed to be tweaked to make things work:
    - ALi m7101 PMU* needs to be enabled, if the BIOS has not done this already,
    by setting a bit in the ALi m1533 Bridge Device.
    - Unset ALi m7101 PMU registers write protection bits.
    - At every run of throttle, BIT9 of the ACPI I/O space is now set.
    This is just outside of the range of the normal Throttle routines.
    - The ALi 5 Throttle I/O space address register was changed to 0x10h.
    *PMU= Power Management Unit

    ALI5ACPI.EXE - Enables ALi Aladdin V Southbridge Power Management Unit (ACPI).
    ALI5THT.EXE - Modified Throttle specific for ALi Aladdin V Southbridge.
    ALI5.TXT - This text file.
    THROTTLE.EXE - Original Throttle, for completeness.
    THROTTLE.TXT - Original Throttle Text File.
    CWSDPMI.EXE - Required for ALI5ACPI.EXE.
    T.BAT - Run this to automatically select either of the 2 Throttle versions,
    T.Bat is set not to disable L1 cache by default.

    Original Throttle by Jeff Leyda, Dec 15, 2007.
    ALi 5 Specific files by G. Broers, March 2014:
    -ALI5ACPI.EXE Based on PCI.C by Chris Giese.
    -ALI5THT.EXE Based on Throttle assembler source.

    I noticed a nasty lockup when using 'SetMul' to toggle the AMD K6+ multiplier while
    Trottle was enabled. Using SetMul prior to, and after closing Throttle is fine.
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Re: Throttle for ALi Aladdin 5 Socket 7 boards

Postby Jolaes76 » 2014-3-14 @ 16:23

Great work, truly appreciated!

The lack of support for the Aladdin V drove me to buy Bremze (for a GA-5AX) pretty long ago. If only I could spare some time to properly compare Bremze vs your build of Throttle... maybe dropping Mo'Slo Deluxe in the pit as well...
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