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Meowdori wrote on 2020-06-17, 07:16:

EDIT: Small bug report for version 5.7 (32bit):
When playing a file, using a VSTi (specifically S-YXG50 in this particular tested case), going to device setup menu and repeatedly (rather quickly) untincking/ticking the "Use BASS" checkbox at least 3 times results in a memory protection fault (recoverable, without a crash). Tested OS is Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit.

Do not do this 😀
It's because when you untick 'Use Bass' FSMP tries to unload the whole Bass infrastructure (Bass_VST.dll, Bassmidi.dll, Bass.dll) in order not to cause trouble for normal WinMM Midi out ports that want to use Bass libraries themselves (e.g. ver 1.x of VirtualMidiSynth, Kode54's VST Midi Driver etc.). But some VST plugins need substantial time to properly unload (there are even plugins that cannot be properly unloaded by Bass_VST). If Bass is stuck and you want to initialize it again unexpected problems can happen.
Depending on VST plugin similar problems can also happen when you quickly and repeatedly start/stop plugin in either some of the VST Effects or VST Instrument dialog.

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Yeah, that's pretty much an edge case, probably not really worth of trying to fix 😀. The only easy quick and dirty patch i can think of would be to artificially limit the frequency the user can flip between these 2 states with (i.e. making it inactive for ~3 seconds after clicking, and changing the caption to something like "initialising [3... 2... 1...]" and "unloading BASS [3... 2... 1...]", for each state respectively, but i don't really care for it myself, so only take it as a loose suggestion