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Re: UniPCemu emulator releases

Postby 2mg » 2018-7-05 @ 21:02

Could you please make the default font bigger? I'd give it a go, but my eyes hurt...
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Re: UniPCemu emulator releases

Postby superfury » 2018-7-08 @ 23:16

That's a bit difficult, seeing as it's either unmodified 8x8(like on the PSP builds, where it originated) or stretched to fullscreen on Android(which stretches the character mapping to fullscreen instead). Windows builds use the 8x8 fonts as well, it's currently hardcoded into the display renderer, as well as being optimized for that(as it's a simple shift mapping to the character display like a VGA). It can be increased to 8x16(double the height, same width) using the VGA font, but that will require the renderer to be modified a lot to support that.

I'm currently still looking into the issues with Android devices(audio issues(at least during playback through the music player having a humming noise mixed in oddly enough(on Android only. PC builds show no issues)) and low cycle count issues(<4kHz cycle accurate and <3kIPS on 80486 and related speeds on 80386- seems to crash the emulator for unknown reasons).
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