Peixoto's patches for a few old games

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LonerHero wrote on 2020-06-26, 00:09:

Sorry for the double post but is there anyway to edit gamepad setting for Onimusha without patch ? One of my friends preferred to hard fix this

I have been trying Xinputplus DS4Windows or x360ce no such luck. Buttons are working fine but my issue goes to sticks which is the movement. Since the game uses tank control I had no luck setting it up to detect on d-pad.

Not that i know

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i'm having troubles with non exclusive fullscreen on Tomb Raider 2. When i activate it the song skips a bit and the controls are irresponsive. Lara starts walking or spinning all of her own after some seconds of imput lag on the controls. This doesn't happen when non-exclusive fullscreen is deactivated but then i can't play the fmvs