K.O.R. Soundfont Pack

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K.O.R. Soundfont Pack

Postby t9999clint » 2017-12-03 @ 00:03

Despite browsing on this forum for over a decade This is the first topic I've ever posted. I guess I never really thought I had anything important really to add to this whole classic gaming thing.
This has changed a bit in the last few years as I've found my self diving deeper and deeper into the depths of retro hardware. Now I don't think I'll ever make it out of this giant pile of old stuff... So I guess I might as well post something for once...

So anyways, Soundfonts! I love Soundfonts. They can make your old dos games sing like never before!
I've always had a fascination with soundfonts, I'd always combine them and try out different programs to get stuff to sound different.
But one thing always happened... I wanted MORE!!

Do to constant copyright notices on my crappy YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkfCn ... qcHSNVPgbw (shameless plug), I've been trying to learn how to make my own music for background music and intros. So because of this I've decided to dive deeper into the depths of the MIDI world than I've ever had before.
This past month I've spent basically doing nothing but studying MIDI music and what not. I've gone from knowing nothing, to knowing next to nothing.
Also I made a few soundfonts.

Now to the actual point of this post...

I through some unknown urge I have started up a soundfont project.
The goal is to have the best possible midi sound that can come out of a synthesizer. Size is not of any concern for me, quality is my only goal! (actually there's several goals but I'll get to that)
For this project I'm working on making sf2 files bassmidi compatible. Mostly so they will work with Zoltan's excellent program, Falcosoft MidiPlayer. I'm pretty new at this soundfont thing, so I've probably made a number of mistakes. Feel free to let me know what I need to fix.

I've only used samples from places with compatible licenses to CC Share Alike, most were GPL with a exception to allow the music made from this to be sold for $$$.
What does this mean? Do what you want with this, You can also make your own version of this soundfont, as long as you license it in a similar manner.

I'm releasing these in two formats, SF2 and SFOGG. SF2 is uncompressed and very large, this is basically the "sourcecode" for the thing. SFOGG is a custom format used by FalcoSoft MIDIPlayer. It's WAAAAY smaller for 95% the same quality. I will release a program that converts sf2 to sfogg later. (still figuring out how to compile bassmidi in windows)
I have grouped these soundfonts into separate packages for three reasons.
    1. To make it easy to mix and match with other soundfonts.
    2. To help with the compatibility of synth programs, (most 32bit programs don't like files bigger than 1.5gb).
    3. Because I'm lazy and this helps me release something usable for you guys without me having to finish the whole thing.
The samples used for this came from a ton of different places, mostly http://www.karoryfer.com/ http://freepats.zenvoid.org/ and http://www.flamestudios.org/
Every sample is from a real guitar, the synth bass samples are just bass guitars with extra filtering applied to make them sound more... synthy? I'm still missing proper samples for overdrive guitar as well as the fret and harmonic noises. Here are some samples made with MIDIPlayer and this soundfont... https://downloads.kor.ninja/Music/korfo ... tar/demos/

This is version 1.0 and includes the following presets...
Code: Select all
000:024 = Classical Guitar
000:025 = Steel-String Guitar
000:026 = Jazz Guitar
000:027 = Electric Guitar
000:028 = Muted Elec Guitar
000:029 = Overdrive
000:030 = Distortion Guitar
000:032 = Acoustic Bass
000:033 = Fingered Bass
000:034 = Picked Bass
000:035 = Fretless Bass
000:036 = Slap Bass 1
000:037 = Slap Bass 2
000:038 = Synth Bass 1
000:039 = Synth Bass 2
000:105 = Banjo
001:026 = 12 String Guitar
001:027 = Electric Guitar [Chorus]
001:038 = Synth Bass 3

This one isn't done yet. I think it's pretty rough and there's a bunch of instruments missing, but it's 80% there and should still sound good with most games and midi files. I like to use it with Giant Soundfont 6.0 which can be downloaded here... http://giantsoundfont.npage.de/downloads.html
All of the samples right now are from the Virtual Playing Orchestra 2.3 set of SFZ files. I just messed with them a bunch to get them to be GM compatible. Next I'm going to continue to correct these samples and maybe replace a few with some multi-velocity samples that have caught my eye recently. VPO 2.3 can be downloaded here... http://virtualplaying.com/virtual-playing-orchestra/
Once again the synth instruments are just heavily filtered real instruments.

This is version 0.5 (beta) and includes the following presets...
Code: Select all
000:009 = Glockenspiel
000:011 = Vibraphone
000:013 = Xylophone
000:014 = Tubular Bells
000:040 = Violin
000:041 = Viola
000:042 = Cello
000:043 = Contrabass
000:044 = Tremolo Strings
000:045 = Pizzicato Strings
000:046 = Harp
000:047 = Timpani
000:048 = String Ensemble
000:049 = Slow String Ensemble
000:050 = Synth Strings 1
000:051 = Synth Strings 2
000:052 = Choir Aahs
000:056 = Trumpet
000:057 = Trombone
000:058 = Tuba
000:059 = Muted Trumpet
000:060 = French Horns
000:061 = Brass Section
000:062 = Synth Brass
000:063 = Synth Bass 2
000:068 = Oboe
000:069 = English Horn
000:070 = Bassoon
000:071 = Clarinet
000:072 = Piccolo
000:073 = Flute
001:011 = Vibraphone Sustain
001:040 = Slow Violin
001:057 = Trombone Section
001:058 = Muted Tuba
001:059 = Muted Trumpet
001:060 = French Horn 2
001:061 = Brass Section
002:057 = Bright Trombone


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Re: K.O.R. Soundfont Pack

Postby t9999clint » 2017-12-03 @ 00:04


Mon Dec 4th 2017
Code: Select all
Added Orchestral Soundfont beta version 0.5.
Based off of Virtual Playing Orchestra
No changes to other Soundfonts

Tuesday Dec 12th 2017
Code: Select all
Ran into stuttering issue with MidiPlayer with SFOGG files.
Recompressed all sfogg files to FalcoSoft's recomended oggenc settings.
My Youtube Channel: https://www.kor.ninja/
My Soundfont Project: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=57273
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Re: K.O.R. Soundfont Pack

Postby t9999clint » 2017-12-12 @ 14:07

Recompressed and re-uploaded all sfogg files, now they should work smoother with MidiPlayer. Nothing else was changed so I'm leaving the version number the same.
Thanks to FalcoSoft for pointing out the solution for this.
My Youtube Channel: https://www.kor.ninja/
My Soundfont Project: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=57273
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