legaCy JoyKeys Official Thread.

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legaCy JoyKeys Official Thread.

Postby .legaCy » 2017-12-11 @ 01:02

What This Program is about?
I developed this application on my weekend when i wanted to play one game that didn't supported joystick input(only keyboard) and i wanted to play with my joystick.
So basically will monitor your joystick input and use one Windows API to simulate a keystroke.

-Two operation modes: "Typematic"(repeat the key stroke while pressed) and "Press and Release"(keep the key pressed while you hold the joystick button, release the key when the joystick button is released)
- Configurable pooling interval(default: 25ms)
- Support Joystick 1 and Joystick 2.
- Support up to 32 Buttons Joystick.
- Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), Windows 10.

Planned features(If you guys enjoy and think that the project is usefull i will add)
- Support for POV Controls.
- Analog(X,Y) to POV conversion.
- Windows 9x support and Windows 2000 support.
- Multiple bind profiles


How to use
1- Click the + Button.
2- Select your joystick button(or click the ... button to find out the button id by pressing it on your joystick)
3- Select the key to be pressed on the keyboard(by pressing it, Function keys are also supported)
4- Click OK
5- repeat for each button
6- click the button with the floppy icon to save.

Virus Total Scan:
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SHA-256   e9a41a0cecb6b24ca52600c3c2110d65e4c34106be0ef1947f67fde1a6c6729b
File name   lgcyjkey.exe
File size   13.04 MB
Last analysis   2017-12-11 00:18:18 UTC

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Known Bugs
Actually i don't know any bugs, if you find one please comment the bug and how to reproduce and i will fix as soon as possible.
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