New MS-DOS Games Launcher / Menu System App

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HandOfFate wrote on 2020-10-12, 17:26:

I made a Python script to populate the Launchbox.txt file. I can polish it a bit and share it.

I would appreciate that very much. In my instance I would want the program to go through a single folder, make an entry for every BAT file it finds in there and ask for a title on games it cannot find in the xml. Possibly appending "SETUP" to every bat file as the "configuration entry", since all my .bat files are set up with a small utility I wrote a few years ago.
I basically went into every game folder and configured the game, looked at the executables (I use a 4dos alias named "dire" for dir "executables" that is just "dir /p *.exe *.com *.bat >&>nul")
and call "mkbat <BATCH NAME> <RUN_FILE> [optional: <SETUP_FILE>"
and my tool places the batch file in the right place.

That is exactly why I would love to not do everything manually again. But the menu system would be so much easier for my 60 year old mother to navigate than having a list of 8-char file names that she has to input in a cmd prompt xD

Haven't even thought about your approach of writing my own program to look at the stuff and parsing the xml file... But I also would have no idea how to parse a file and would have to learn that, the last time I had to do it the programming language thankfully had a method that handled the parsing and even that took me 4 nights xD

My tools I actually wrote in Quick Basic directly in dosbox haha.

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It seems DBGL uses a '100% Java' database engine called hsqldb. Making an external conversion tool for it shouldn't be difficult, but integrating it into a Visual Basic for DOS program would be... challenging.

I'll try to wrap up the tool I made somewhere this week, so you can use it or use it as a basis for your own wishes 😀

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