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Yep, another one... Grab it here.

I basically tried to expand on the ol' FONTEDIT with a bunch of additional features:

  • Edit two fonts at a time, using tabs to keep the UI consistent
  • Flexible clipboard transfer of full/partial characters or character ranges
  • Various block manipulation functions: flip X/Y, fill/erase, invert, slide
  • Grab any of the built-in fonts from the VGA BIOS ROM
  • Save/load as raw binary data; import/export BMP, XBIN and COM (plain/TSR)
  • Supports any font height that VGA text mode can handle, up to 32 lines
  • Preview your font in 40 or 80 columns (8 or 9 pixels per column)
  • Uses pure text mode for speed; runs on any VGA-capable system (8088 and up)
  • Various palettes, a decent file browser, etc.

Thanks to those who have helped with testing, especially keropi (on a whole army of VGA cards!) and reenigne (on the original IBM VGA).

For DOSBox, you'll probably want a recent build. This one should do the trick on Windows -- it supports 2x/3x (forced) scaling for all standard text modes, and minimizes the screen-resize delay, to cut down on garbled frames when switching resolutions.


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Version 1.1


* Fixed garbled UI font with some video BIOSes (Tseng Labs ET4000)... thanks to ALEKS for the bug report!
+ Preview screen: Added tiled view of the currently selected character - useful for area-fill patterns and that sort of thing
+ Editor: You can now directly swap two characters with the 'W' key
+ Added a couple of new palettes for good measure

As a result, the executable has now bloated up to over 12 KB! 🤯   Shameful, I know. Penance shall be performed with utmost sincerity.

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