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Thanks again for this patch, its really awesome to see this working so well. Not being able to properly play heavy gear 2 was a hard part of my life, glad to see thats over now. So how do we buy you a beer for all this hard work?

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Red Orb Prince of Persia 3D 1999
At young age, I enjoyed the first 2 games very much. When the 3rd game was released with hardware accelerated 3D engine, I had high anticipation but it played like shit on Voodoo1/2 at 640x480 without high-end CPUs back then. Reviews of the game were largely disappointed. I had actually kept the game without playing it. Now, it was restored to play perfectly on QEMU, Linux and Windows 10 alike.

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PoP 3D
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It was my last game in the series, but the 1st one with Direct3D acceleration. It was probably a big mistake of not supporting Glide back in 1999 as I was hoping a patch could be released but quite disappointed that it never happened. With the addition of WGL_3DFX_gamma_control, WineD3D was patched up to take advantage of the exposed extension to enable host controlled gamma correction from Direct3D. This helps games such as this one, Clive Barker's Undying (potentially all games based on Unreal engine on Direct3D renderer) and all other Direct3D games that provide in-game brightness adjustment for more pleasant scene. Games based on id Quake3 engine will also recognize and use the GL extension through OpenGL, if the number of GL extensions did not blow up the buffer that the game used to store them.