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From Jeremy White […]
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From Jeremy White

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce that we have released CrossOver 20 for macOS, Linux, and for a new platform - Chrome OS!

Users can now access the best of Windows applications on their Chromebooks - both online and offline - all with the rich history and maturity of our mainline CrossOver product.

For our macOS users, we are pleased to support the upcoming macOS 11.0 Big Sur release. Not only will this provide seamless Windows compatibility to current owners of Intel Macs, we are working hard to ensure CrossOver will run well on upcoming Apple Silicon Macs.

We have also worked hard to improve gaming compatibility for macOS users, including support for Steam and for many DirectX 11 games. We hope that our customers with beloved 32 bit games will be able to run them on their Macs once again. Our goal is to make sure that Mac users are not excluded from the best of PC gaming.

For Linux users, we have done a deep dive into our core distribution support, working hard to better integrate with various desktop managers. We also now provide a mechanism to enable our Linux users to update CrossOver with the same simplicity offered to macOS users.

In addition to all of those changes, we continue to work hard on Wine, making broad changes that improve overall support for all applications. Thousands of those improvements have been brought into CrossOver and should enhance the behavior of many applications.

And, finally, with the release of CrossOver 20, we have launched an entirely new set of branding. This includes a new visual look for CrossOver which reflects our passion for providing disruptive support for Windows on alternate platforms.

Mac customers with active support entitlements will be upgraded to CrossOver 20 the next time they launch CrossOver. Linux users can download the latest version from https://codeweavers.com/account/downloads, and Chrome OS users can sign up for a free trial by visiting:

If CrossOver asks for registration, use your codeweavers.com email address & password to register and unlock CrossOver. Email info@codeweavers.com if you need more help.

Thank you all for your support. We hope you enjoy CrossOver 20!