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Source: https://freeciv.fandom.com/wiki/NEWS-3.0.0

After almost a year of betas and release candidates, Freeciv 3.0.0 is available:

Welcome to Freeciv 3.0.0 […]
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Welcome to Freeciv 3.0.0

Thanks again to all our developers, who continue to work so hard.

This release is a major upgrade which with some changes can support backward compatible rulesets. However, in its capabilities are support for massive new capabilities in rulesets via actionenablers and ruleset effects. This is a major upgrade and if you develop rulesets you should learn more about it.

This release includes lots of changes relative to 2.6.x; the significant ones are outlined below. Bug fixes also included in the 2.6 line are not listed. Those who are interested in seeing the detailed changes should check the ChangeLog file.

This release is still in a beta stage, so there are some known issues (see below).


The major changes in Freeciv 3.0 are civ2civ3 being the default ruleset, addition of the alien ruleset, hex maps as the default topology on new installations, and a whole lot of extra flexibility to create custom rulesets.

As is usual for major releases, 3.0 clients cannot interoperate with pre-3.0 servers, and vice versa. Most pre-3.0 savegames can however be loaded into 3.0, and in most cases, the supplied rulesets have not changed so much as to make it difficult to complete a game started with 2.6.x's rules.

Downloads: http://www.freeciv.org/download.html

One thing I noticed is that starting with Version 3.0.0, builds use MSYS2 (https://www.msys2.org/) by default. Version 2.6 installers using MSYS2 are available here:

http://files.freeciv.org/packages/windows/tes … msys2/releases/