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I made a quick web app for playing and corrupting Rally-Sport in the browser.

Rally-Sport is a Finnish racing game from the mid-90s, and corrupting is the modifying of game asset files for entertaining or otherwise interesting results.

The app comes with a selection of pre-made corruptions - i.e. it's not an automated corruptor.

Find it at https://tarpeeksihyvaesoft.com/rs/. Y0u can have a bunch of fun with it, especially if you've played the game before and have some nostalgia for it.

A GitHub link is provided in-app. It's an oldschool JS/HTML app interfacing to a js-dos (web DOSBox client) wrapper I made earlier.

Requires a keyboard, and a computer that can run a web-based DOSBox fast enough to be enjoyable.

If sound isn't playing, click inside the game view. If the game isn't taking keyboard input, click the gray frame around the game view.