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Postby Juason » 2003-1-28 @ 22:45

Ahh, so here it goes:

Athlon XP 2100+ CPU
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP+ Mobo
1 DIMM corsair PC2100 ram (rated at PC3500 specs)
1 DIMM OCZ PC2100 ram (rated at PC3500 specs also...)
40GB 7200RPM Maxtor HD DMA133
30GB 7200RPM WD HD DMA133
Asus Geforce3 Deluxe 64mb (Hey, comes with 3D glasses! :)
SBLive! Soundcard
Altec Lansing ATP5 speaker system
19" Samsung 955DF monitor
48x12x48 Liteon CD-RW
16x Creative Labs DVD
WinXP Pro

System runs great! I leave it on 24x7,,,and only down it for upgrades. One interesting note is during my last upgrade I got the new KT400 chipset w/ my Gigabyte board. Well little did I know that Ram speed cannot exceed fsb my 2 dimms of 434mhz+ ram I got are going to waste :( my proc only supports up to 266. Well, someday soon I plan on picking up a AthlonXP 2600+ or something and then we'll see what this ram can do :) Michigan's LAN gaming Headquarters!!

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Postby Kain » 2003-11-15 @ 06:27

2500 barton is cheaper and great OCing capabilities.
Athlon Xp 1700+ @ 1.833ghz
ASUS A7N8X v1.4
Crucial 256mb Pc 2100 @ 166 mhz
Chaintech GeForce 4 Ti4200 128mb
Western Digital 40gb WD - 400
Windows 2000 Professional
Creative SB Live! 5.1 Dolby
Maxtop Case w/ 350w PSU
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wow, forgot I had ever posted this!

Postby Juason » 2003-11-15 @ 06:42

LOL, totally forgot about this post. As an update, I HAVE upgraded now.

Athlon XP 2500+, OC'd to 3200+ 400fsb
1GB PC3200 T4-2-2-2 Corsair/OCZ Ram
Asus A7N8X Rev2 mobo
Radeon 9700 pro

Basically my system flies now. Its all done with just a standard copper cooler, and variable speed fan. There is only 2 fans in my case - the CPU fan, and the PSU fan. Both are variable temperature controlled, and so ultra quiet. CPU temp varies from 40C to 50C, but never goes beyond 50C even in Prime95. The system is 100% stable. I never turn it off ;) Game BF1942, NWN, Simcity4, Morrowind, UT2003, Halo, and like a billion other games depending on the LAN party I'm hosing that month ;)

All I can say is I am VERY PLEASED with this, and hope it lasts ;) The Barton 2500+ is crazy at oveclocking!! Michigan's LAN gaming Headquarters!!

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