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I have a Pentium 3 1400S PC here with Audigy SE and 64MB Geforce 2Ti, in a ASUS TUSL2-C motherboard with Intel 815EP chipset, sporting AGPx4 and a 133 MHz system bus. It has 512MB RAM in it, which is the max amount supported by the memory controller.

I'm very happy with this system, it has served me well for many years now, never giving me any trouble. I carried it with me to Brazil disassembled in my carryon luggage, that's how much I like it.
"The last P3" is a truly awesome CPU, especially when you think about how old it is. When it was still my primary PC it had a Geforce 6800 GT in it and was running games like Doom III, Far Cry and Flat Out (1/2) just fine.

I've never seen any actual comparisons but I heard that this CPU beats Pentium 4 CPUs at up to 2.0GHz in some benchmarks. I guess having a full speed 512kb level 2 cache doesn't hurt performance either..

The ASUS TUSL2-C is a very basic board with no on-board sound or ethernet or anything else to get in the way. It was my second board after the Asus P2B I had in my first PC and it has been just as stable and trouble free as the P2B was. And I've never had any of the conflicts or crashes that you used to hear about with the Sound Blaster Live! I had in it, or with the Audigy SE that's in it now.

I suppose it can't really be considered retro since it doesn't have any ISA slots, but the P3-1400S and this board is surely a match made in heaven.

So, I HIGHLY recommend this board - if you can find one.
The manual is available here if you want to have a look:
http://www.unitycorp.co.jp/support/download/m … 0/tusl2_c_e.pdf


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I just picked up that exact soundcard by sheer chance from a junk box at a computer store for $1.00!!!!

{EDIT} ~ Sound Blaster 32 CT-3600 <- that one i can has right now..

Got any DOS drivers for it? I'm currently looking myself for them.

They always want you to download "Driver detective! before they let you download the driver.. how gay... omg.......


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Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote:
Great Hierophant wrote:

I have decided that my machine will not be so ambitious to start. I will be using a Voodoo 5 5500 PCI and a Pentium III 1GHz/133FSB.

If you're using Voodoo5 PCI, then you can use a GeForce on the AGP slot, can't you?

Potential problems:
How would you output to the same monitor?
How would you switch between cards?

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I have look at this configuration, and I figured the easiest way would be to have a monitor with 2 inputs, and dual booting. Two inputs on a monitor is pretty common now, with a VGA and DVI, switching them with a button on the front. I would then either dual or triple boot with a Windows XP partition setup for use the AGP / modern card and then have a separate Windows 98 for use with the Voodoo's. The third partition I would use for 98 and the modern card, if it supported it.

I believe it is also possible to have both cars "installed" within one system and have it setup so the voodoo is setup as the secondary display and only triggered for use when you use something glide, or specify the different adapter from within the application. I haven't done very much research into this solution, but I felt that it would be more difficult to manage and the chances of driver issues more likely.

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How about four sound cards? I intend on putting in a Sound Blaster AWE64, Sound Blaster Live! 5.1, Gravis Ultrasound PnP, Aureal SQ2500

Sounds like a resource management nightmare.