post up pics of your "computing area"

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Law212 wrote on 2020-10-07, 17:04:
kolderman wrote on 2020-10-07, 02:50:

Where do your legs go 🤣

I dont have legs. You think you're funny now?

Actually, The 486 on the desk, and two computers under the desk are not normally there. I swap them out as needed so I usually have my laptop on the desk where the 486 is, and one computer on the right on the floor and one on the left.

I do have legs. I hope that wasnt an offensive joke.

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digger wrote on 2020-10-04, 18:43:
Thermalwrong wrote on 2020-10-03, 21:46:
Here's my not so little retro computing space. The 486 VLB PCs are rem0ved for some work, but that little beige thin client is a […]
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Here's my not so little retro computing space. The 486 VLB PCs are rem0ved for some work, but that little beige thin client is a 5x86 133 too. I'm planning to give it a CD rom drive at some point.

To the side of the monitor are a Roland SC-155 and an MT-100. The hardmpu along with the MT100 were 100% worth it for classic westwood games 😀 I only had the SB 2.0's OPL2 back in the day, but I can tell that a few of these tracks were composed with Roland's stuff first.

At this point, the 386DX 40 on the top sees the most use (also ergh, its green power LED has just broken, I wonder why?) but there's a Tualatin w/V5 5500 and a Pentium w/Voodoo 1 in the stack. At some point I'll need to try to remove the redundacy.

These are just the built up PCs though, I have a few 386s, 486s and pentiums in parts. Rescuing old hardware has worked out too well 😒 For instance, my plan was to have ONE 286/386sx, now I have 3 of them.

Oh wow, I used to have that exact same model Dell 17" Trinitron CRT! My Dad got me one for free from work when the office where he worked upgraded to TFT monitors. Excellent picture quality. And there was just something incredibly satisfying about navigating the OSD menu with those wonderfully squishy arrow buttons and selecting "degauss". ☺️

I think I passed it on to my brother when I bought my first TFT monitor. And later it collected dust for awhile when he got a TFT monitor as well. Eventually we got rid of it.

It's the Dell D1025HE, a Trinitron tube that's really a rebranded Nokia 447F. I picked one of these up in 2001-ish as a side monitor for about £50 when I heard it had really good specs (1280x960 @ 85hz wow!) and were selling fairly cheaply. Eventually I sold it to a friend and he used it for a while.

I don't know what happened to it after that but this was sitting outside of the electronics recycling in the same town in 2017, so I had to pick it up and lugged it home on foot. That certainly reminded me how much CRTs weigh 😁 . It seems to work without issue, having it back again is pretty great since they weren't really common monitors even back in the day.