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Custom Box:

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (not overclocked) @ 2.16Ghz
Cooling: AMD fan which came with the CPU
Motherboard: A7V333-X (333FSB) rev 2.01 BIOS 1004
Memory: 512mb Elixer PC2700 333mhz
Video: 64mb Triplex Millenium Silver GeForce4 TI 4200
HDD: 60GB 7200rpm Seagate
CD-RW: LG 48x16x48
Power Suppy: 400watt I-Cute (pentium 4 approved 🤣)
Soundcard: Soundblaster Live! Value
Monitor: AOC 9klr-slk 19"
Keyboard: It works, nothing fancy
Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB
Sound System: Sony TA-AV561 5.1 (Old skool but still rockin')
Joystick: IBM 4-button flightstick
Case: ATX standard (just a place to put all the goodies)
Floppy Drive: Some generic piece of poo
OS: Win XP Pro

Remember boys and girls, when you install a new CPU dont remove that plastic/wax coating on the base of the heat sinc... You may find yourself in all sorts of mess...