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Heh, maybe, but it sounds somewhat different (and much louder) from when I actually actively use the degauss button, hence my question...
AND, my other monitors does NOT do that (or ANY crt monitor I've ever encountered), power-on degauss I mean... which makes it hard to compare.

So, it'd be just nice to know if this particular model really has a forced degauss on start-up.
(or if it is something else)

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Decided to take some better pictures of this lil' fellow, my LG 702S from 2003. Despite being a mid-to-low end model it still has a dual focus tube (a feature often found on high end CRT monitors)

Only 17 inches but it's still insanely bright for its age, probably hinting that it is a low hour unit which didn't see much use.


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bestemor wrote on 2020-10-15, 15:02:
Just wondering, does your ViewSonic give out a loud 'bang' every time it is turned on ? Mine does, and have done that since I bo […]
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kixs wrote on 2020-10-04, 12:20:
Latest additions to my collection :lol: […]
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Latest additions to my collection 🤣

22" ViewSonic P227f
17" Sony G200



Just wondering, does your ViewSonic give out a loud 'bang' every time it is turned on ?
Mine does, and have done that since I bought it brand new in box... Not sure if I should worry etc...
Seems fine otherwise, so... (?)

And, what month/year is yours from ?

PS: and in what kind of marvellous shop did you find these monitors ?!
As I notice they even have SEVERAL Voodoo 5500 AGP for sale, on the shelves in the background there...?!! 😮

Higher end monitors did the degause at power on. So there is nothing to worry about.

Mine is from 2006/02.

I found the monitor locally - around 180km from me. I needed half a year to make the trip as I never go in that direction 🤣

"The shop" is actually my storage place in the attic 😁 Yes, many nice things are there... sometimes I even surprise myself as I forget what I have 🤣

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Posted this in the bought today tread already, did not know about this tread.
This Nokia 21" 445Xi will be my main retro monitor now ^^ It also made the biggest degauss sound i ever heard when i fired it up the first time, so i guess that is normal 😀
Unfortunately it got a scratch in the antiglare, i dont know if i will remove it or not yet. Anyone tried using something else as a antiglare replacement? I have read about someone using film used for tinting car windows with good effect (for black levels) but i am a bit skeptical.