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mattinx wrote:

If there's anyone else out there with a Victor V86P that has a dead (or missing) PSU and wants to use an existing 8.5V PSU (like the one for the Playstation2 suggested earlier), I've reverse engineered the battery charging circuitry that's in the original PSU, and made a little board to implement it:
I'm still waiting on getting the board back, and I need to rebuild the battery pack (it's a stack of Sub-C NiCd cells in a cardboard tube with a couple of thermal cutouts) - so I don't actually know if the board works yet, but the idea is that you have a barrel jack input that'll take the output from a generic 8.5V brick, and it'll give you the necessary power and signalling for the V86P's charge circuitry.


I just got a Victor V86P in a fairly good condition from a dumpster yesterday. Sadly it came without any PSU nor battery so I cannot test it atm. I'll be interested into your circuit but I don't get why it's using a non standard/harder to find 8.5V charger for input and not a regular and widely available 9V or even 12V one, could you elaborate on this choice ?