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Re: The Systempro (Bench-ing)

Postby 386_junkie » 2016-9-25 @ 08:22

mrau wrote:the vga speed here, 7kk+ pixel/s, means a 386 could spit over a 100 full 320x200x8bit screens every second? o.O sths wrong here?

Hi thanks for the interest.

If any results are askew and don't look right it will be down to compatability issues.

NT 3.1 is a 32 bit OS. Win 3.1 is 16 bit OS. The version of Winbench was 3.1 and possibly incompatable with NT and dual CPU systems.

I have not done any benchmarking this last week but plan on this weekend doing Winbench 4 and other Windows bench programs.

Will update as and when, thanks.
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