Tulip pc compact 2

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Re: Tulip pc compact 2

Postby Deksor » 2017-11-08 @ 22:39

That's awesome ! I'm currently fixing an EGA CRT as well (it's not the same problem at all, mine is just having green not working). Nice to see that people are still taking care of them. Mine also has fake amber and green modes ^^
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Re: Tulip pc compact 2

Postby chinny22 » 2017-11-17 @ 13:21

That's awesome, and the fact you did it yourself only makes it more rewarding, or is that cause it didn't cost anything (also one of my favourite things in life)
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Re: Tulip pc compact 2

Postby keropi » 2017-11-17 @ 14:21

great news Cyrix200+ ! kudos!
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Re: Tulip pc compact 2

Postby Cyrix200+ » 2017-11-17 @ 20:48

Thanks everyone, now I need to find some more games to play on it. It's fast for an XT, but still an XT :)
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