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The orientation sensor does look a bit wonky from the other videos that I've seen of this thing, but it's good that you got in order and working, and finally had that itch scratched. Getting it all running and experiencing it for yourself is the most rewarding feeling one can get from messing with this stuff.

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Oh, man, i remember this piece of hardware back then.
Friend of mine had one.
Tried to play Q1 (or was it Q2) on it and got me so sick in no time.
But i totally understand where you are right now with this thing.
All best !

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devius wrote on 2020-01-07, 10:33:

Descent must be an interesting experience on this thing... and by interesting I mean vomit inducing. 😆

Not for me, but I'm not prone to motion sickness in general, and I've literally been playing Descent since it came out, so I'm well familiar with its style of movement. I think the narrow FOV of the VFX-1 cuts down on the nausea potential pretty drastically because you don't have any squidgyness going on in your peripheral vision.

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